A Crowd-Controlled Sci-Fi Game with Human Avatars.

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A Crowd-Controlled Collective Action System

Would you like to control another human being and experience what it would be like to be inside their mind?
MIT is giving you control of a real person on Halloween in a dystopian game that sounds like an episode of 'Black Mirror'
Business Insider
MIT Lets Public Control Actor In Halloween Experiment - What could possibly go wrong?
MIT Media Lab will let the internet control a human’s actions for one Halloween evening
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Come in Black Mirror, l'inquietante esperimento degli sviluppatori di Boston: un algoritmo che permette agli utenti collegati in rete di controllare le azioni di un essere umano
The internet is taking over a person’s life for Halloween. And you can be a part of it.
MIT Technology Review

The BeeMe Experiment


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The BeeMe Experiment is an awarded short documentary showing behind the scenes of the global live performance. The film was premiered at the Miami Sci-fi Film Festival where it won the award of Best Scientific micro-doc.

The film was also selected for the Florence Film Awards and the Lift-Off Film Festival - Genre Content Extravaganza

Interviews: Manuel Cebrian, Iyad Rahwan, Albert Kao, Georgina Denis, Anjali Moorthy, Taylor Jolly.

What is BeeMe?

BeeMe was a unique performance that took place on 31st Oct. 2018, on Halloween night. Thousands of people collectivelly controlled two human avatars to defeat an evil AGI from taking over the Internet.

Can I BeeMe?

Of course! If you are a performing artist, a scientist interested in collective intelligence or if you are crazy enough to allow a multitude of strangers control your every single action, Please get in touch! We would love to help you set up a BeeMe event. We are happy to provide assistance, tips and the BeeMe platform.

Only together we will succeed